All the pretty horses by cormac

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They walked along the road and there were other couples in the road and they passed and wished them a good evening. Rawlins smoked. Why does John Grady return to the hacienda? What does John Grady think?

John Grady, attacked by another prisoner, whom he must kill, learns that evil exists not only in the world but in himself. Blevins rides a huge bay horse that is far too fine a specimen to be the property of a runaway boy, but Blevins insists it is his.

What is the occasion at the outset of the book, and what does it mean to John Grady?

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Why is this effective? Compare him to the captain. They find both but have no way to prove Blevins' ownership. Do we believe her?

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It was never the dumb thing.

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All the Pretty Horses (novel)