Aera minority dissertation fellowship application

No exceptions. Fellowships may be supplemented by university or department awards and tuition waivers.

Aera minority dissertation fellowship application

The earliest date a grant may start is approximately three months following the application deadline. How does the methodology relate specifically to the research question? As part of the proposal, applicants provide a budget that outlines anticipated research-related expenses.

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The AERA Minority Dissertation fellows are selected on the basis of their potential as faculty members or education research scholars, the contribution of their dissertation study to education research, the rigor of the research methods used to conduct the study, and the implications of the research.

During this 2-day conference grantees will participate in seminar-type sessions on substantive, methodological, and professional issues.

aera dissertation fellowship

This federal investment has produced state-level data from pre-K to grade 12, through higher education, and into the workforce. In many cases, graduate students will gain access to restricted files through a faculty member or senior scholar.

It supports fellows conducting education research and provides mentoring and guidance toward the completion of their doctoral studies.

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Dissertation Grants