Achievements and complaints of india today

indian railway achievements in 2018

Asia's second longest bridge was commissioned in Assam by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Christmas Day, 16 years after it had been inaugurated. I hope Bhajan Lalji will extend the Sammelan by another two days, to enable at least double the number of speakers to express their views.

It meant that the plans and the schemes made, could not in reality cater to your needs.

Achievements of 2018

I believe we need more democracy within our political parties. Yet another method could also be one of setting up social justice committees and special committees in areas inhabited by Harijans, Adivasis, minorities and other weaker sections. Let us commit ourselves to truth and probity in public life. The country has suffered a lot due to selfish interests earlier and now politics over Rafale Rafale ki kami aaj desh ne mehsoos ki hai. They have galvanized people in the cause of freedom and development. Whenever elections to the Panchayats were held, they remained nominal. It is significant that at no stage did Gandhiji claim to have an ideological monopoly over it. Rajagopalachari, Acharya Narendra Dev, Jayaprakash Narayan possessed moral integrity of the highest order. This is the minimum requirement.

The devolution of power to the grassroots level as promised could not be effected and whatever was done was generally in an arbitrary manner. Also Watch How Railways constructed subway tunnel in 4. National security: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit out at the Opposition for doubting the armed forces on the anti-terror air strike in Pakistan and said the country was feeling the absence of Rafale fighter jets as the results could have been different if India had these aircraft.

He added India was following new strategies and that today's India was "fearless, bold and decisive".

indias achievements in last 5 years

A legacy, especially of a prolonged movement, tends to endure for a long time. The Congress, therefore, declares that any constitution which may be agreed to on its behalf should provide, or enable the Swaraj Government to Provide, for the following: Fundamental Rights and Duties Fundamental rights of the people, including: Every citizen of India has the right of free expression of opinion, the rights of free association and combination, and the right to assemble peacefully and without arms, for purposes not opposed to law or morality.

Indian Railways is again becoming a symbol of modernity, which it had exemplified when the first steam engine chugged out of Boribunder," Minister Goyal said. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates. I hope Bhajan Lalji will see to it that women delegates get full opportunity for expressing their views.

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