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At one point, however, he makes it clear to Moira that he knows his family is almost certainly dead, and he asks her if she thinks he is insane for acting as if they were still alive. Moira gives him a Pogo stick engraved with his daughter's name. When Dwight Towers visits the Davidson family's farm, he comments on the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Dwight Towers Dwight Towers is the captain of the U. I came to love and respect each of the characters in a way I have rarely loved and respected fictional characters.

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Moira, who has never married nor ever been meaningfully in love, falls deeply in love with Dwight. Visibility was moderate; through the periscope he saw a pall of smoke drifting up above the city and formed the opinion that at least one nuclear explosion had taken place there within the last few days. I got them in Elizabeth Street. New model, only one horsepower, but she does a good eight miles an hour on the flat. The captain turned to Peter. I also liked the combination of some technological aspects of how the situation was addressed, versus the daily lives of the people affected. Towers also learns that the only other remaining submarine in the American fleet, the U. Report to me again when you get back from the second cruise. I'll give her a drink later on, after we've had one ourselves. Shute brings it off. He and Mary take their tablets in bed together after expressing their love for each other. When they first meet, Moira is almost continuously drunk, having no notion what to do with herself in the few months remaining to her. My grandpa had one just like it in the woodshed, up in Maine, when I was a boy. I'll probably fall off. Australia was a firm ally of the United States during the Cold War.

He rode off down the road in the warm morning sunlight, the empty billies rattling in the trailer at his back, happy in the thought of work before him.

I shan't hold it against you if you ask to be excused, but in that case I can't hold out much prospect of any further employment.

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She came to meet him. At one time stationed on the island, he is familiar with the layout of the area. It's all on the surface. After the war, Shute spent the next several years traveling. I can't give you a command, I'm afraid, and I can't even put you in one of our own ships. Peter and Mary are a lovely young couple with a baby, Jennifer, who attempt to go on leading their regular lives. I understand that this is all fiction, but I can easily see many people doing these things if this were a real situation. He tells him that they will be available for free when the radiation reaches Melbourne. On the Beach was published in , but the novel is set in what was then the near future of In the novel, euthanasia is used in order to save people from the horrible affects of radiation poisoning. Osborne visits his mother for the last time.

O'Doherty, and Mr. It moved along at a steady twenty miles an hour unimpeded by any other traffic on the roads.

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On January 12,Shute fell ill while writing in his study. It's just for Saturday and Sunday.

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On the Beach (novel)