A discussion on bringing up children in the christian faith

A big part of the challenge is figuring out how to teach your children about God when their priorities are more focused on video games, sporting events, and the latest clothing trends.

This is so important to your children too as they will usually have other friends outside the church that are not raised in a Godly way and can be bad influences in their lives.

A discussion on bringing up children in the christian faith

Another great way to teach your children about God is to allow them the opportunity to make and develop Christian friendships. However, we always have to be aware that we are teaching kids all of the time. If, however, we believe that knowing Jesus is the treasure above all else, then we need to be intentional in helping our kids discover this truth. This book teaches parents, youth pastors and Christian educators practical, accessible strategies and principles they can employ to teach the youngest Christians the truth of Christianity. Our children will certainly know that we are not perfect but they should know that we are authentic real both in our daily lives and the same on Sunday morning. Most Read. This will give them a bigger perspective and show them that it is important to know and worship God. Our marriages should be different sadly the divorce rate is not always much different in the church as outside the church as we follow the example of Christ. When it comes to faith, children will be impacted by parents who are passionate about Jesus, who spend time in prayer and with Scripture, and who serve others sacrificially. Pray regularly with and for your children Prayer is important for all believers.

In my little informal study, I found three factors that almost every single family had in common: The parents prayed for their children to have faith The children saw the parents rely on God in real, concrete ways e.

As any parent knows, our children observe us all the time and often 'mirror back' the habits and practices we reveal each day.

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Make family devotions and Bible reading a priority in your weekly schedule. The important thing is that your child understands that life is not just all about us. He wants them to be happy and successful even more than they do. Regularly attend a church It is important that we teach our children that we get together with the family of God to worship God as a group.

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In the comments section, please feel free to add any other tips that your feel would be helpful too. This list could certainly go on and on.

Raising a godly generation

I encourage you to find projects in which you can serve God with your child. And God rewards our obedience with blessings. This means making a commitment to seek God, which isn't always an easy concept for kids. Finding ways to be a blessing. Your children are in God's hands In all that Christian parents do, the lives of our children are ultimately in God's hands, not our own. Model what a Christian should look like 3. Their parents preached the gospel to them. Far too many Christians are in the habit of calling themselves Christians but living their lives for themselves.

Taking part in a Christian church shows your children that spending time with God and other believers is important. Pray regularly with and for your children Prayer is important for all believers.

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How to Raise Your Kids So They Will Remain in the Faith