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He is worried to make the wrong decision, especially when it is a matter of life and death, but actually he wants to see justice done. If Lumet is not among the most famous of American directors, that is only because he ranges so widely he cannot be categorized.

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At first all other jurors do not understand juror 8 and want to force him to change his opinion. He believes that the defendant is absolutely guilty, until the very end of the play. For the first time he understands his prejudices have affected his perceptions.

After questioning his sanity they hastily decide to humor the juror 8 Henry Fonda by agreeing to discuss the trial for one hour. During this break, it begins to rain outside. He is confident that convicting the accused is the one and only right decision.

Although the movie deals with issues relating to the process of effective communication this paper will focus of two reasons why they encounter difficulties and how they overcome them.

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The person accused is a young Hispanic boy who is being charged with the murder of his father. He thinks of himself that his opinion is not of much importance. In this paper, I will provide an analysis of the small group communication displayed by the main characters in the motion picture.

Rhetorical analysis of 12 angry men

Many of these deal with socio-political topics — so does Twelve Angry Men. However, the playwright never reveals the truth behind the case. Another Juror No. Even before the deliberation talks begin it is apparent most of the men are certain the boy is guilty. Juror He is an immigrant watchmaker and as his watches he is very methodical. It is about sending a young man to die. He is anxious for the trial to be over so that he can get back to his career and his social life. In the online film database IMDb. In the jury room, some jurors make veiled references to "these people. This film was a huge success and thus also nominated for various film awards including the Oscar and the BAFTA film award.

By recognizing his unconscious emotions, essentially what he has done is level with himself.

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